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Breast Density Assessment Tools

PenRad offers an integration to the Volpara™ Breast Density Software that automatically quantifies breast density and volume. The output provides the percentage of density derived from digital mammography study. Volpara output provides physicians with automatic and objective quantitative breast tissue density information to be used in informing patients of their tissue density-related risk, and in documenting the need for adjuvant screening. The integration automatically updates and pre-selects the breast density.

PenRad’s worklist can be ordered by the tissue density (1-4 where dense is 4) by the last specified exam density by tapping on the Density column to sort exams or select from the Sort By control by Density/Exam Date or Exam Date/Density.

PenRad’s tissue density filtering system provides efficiencies in the PeerView process or distribution of exams for second read or for Residents.

PenRad’s tissue density system also adds another dimension to dynamic hanging protocols by allowing protocols by density for softcopy interpretation, as a standard in our PenView SoftCopy reading software.

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By incorporating Volpara (first FDA approved software for computerized analysis focusing of the breast density and percentage) the tissue density is automatically calculated with an itemized report.

Volpara provides breast tissue standardization among Radiologists. See www.volparadensity.com for info.

When Volpara completes the tissue evaluation the of the exam, PenRad updates the tissue density value on the worklist automatically. Volpara ScreenshotFor maximizing interpretation with a common mind set, start the morning with fatty (1) and progress to dense tissue (4) or the reverse.Volpara Screenshot

Watch a Recorded Presentation on Volpara

Learn more at www.VolparaDensity.com.

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