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PenFetch Download PDF

PenFetch allows for automatic transfer of images directly to workstations and/or PACS in advance of when needed, improving workflow efficiency and allowing clinicians to have instant access to studies. PenFetch significantly assists optimization of data flow within patient care networks.

PenFetch Delivers:

  • Reduction in staff/resource downtime
  • Automates transfer of images; no need for manual retrieval and transfer
  • Optimization of data flow and network utilization
  • Customization and rules can be established for specific study distribution anywhere on the network
  • Advanced efficiency by auto checking images to see if they exist prior to transferring studies

PenFetch Plus Download PDF

Image Check, Retrieve and More. Increase Staff Utilization.

PenRad's image check and retrieve module, PenFetch Plus, allows facilities to automatically locate and retrieve images from the PACS. The module automatically identifies prior studies required for comparison and/or scanning for digital environment, and facilitates transfer of images to CD/DVD burner for outside requests.

  • Generates pick-list for jackets needed for comparison
  • Checks real-time image availability in multiple PACs
  • Transfers images to CD/DVD burner for outside requests
  • Transfers current studies and priors to workstations
  • Eliminates manual image transfer
  • Allows tele-mammography radiologists to pull studies (current and priors) to workstation in background to assist with reading backlog.
  • Allows pull by exam type (i.e. MRI, US, DEXA, diagnostic)
  • Works in conjunction with PenRad's PenFetch module to allow the bulk of the work fetching to be done after hours; freeing up network during the day for real-time transfer
  • Checks workstations first for images prior to move.
  • Optimizes tele-radiology, LANs, WANs and slower networks.
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PenRad Fetch buttons for on demand needs on interpretation work-list allow background image transfer while Radiologist is reading. Filters allow fetching by exam type and location. Fetching on demand optimizes remote and local reading, tele-mammography, unscheduled work-load changes, and facilitates image transfer to workstation for exams requiring a second opinion. PenRad's AutoNext and AutoClone features increase throughput for radiologist interpretation. PenRad's PenFetchPlus module automatically identifies exam status in PACs and prepares a pick-list for comparisons needed from film jackets or studies requiring scanning for increased staff productivity.
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In addition, the Create CD/DVD feature allows selection of exams to be transferred for outside requests reducing mammography dependencies on IT staff. PenRad's solutions increase staff productivity and utilization, reducing expenses.
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