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Voice Integration

PenSpeak™ ModuleDownload PDF

PenRad MIS offers the PenSpeak dictation module, allowing recording of complicated studies or findings and tracking points for transcription. The radiologist's voice is recorded through a hand-held Philips SpeechMike with convenient pause, record, fast forward and rewind buttons along with an integrated playback speaker to create a wave file. The file is then available for transcription on the network.

During the exam, if additional dictation is necessary, the radiologist taps the record button on the SpeechMike and the radiologist's voice is automatically captured for transcription. The radiologist can playback or edit the recording at any time. A SpellCheck button is provided to ensure correct spelling.


  • Local or offsite transcriptionist
  • Digital recording
  • 250,000 word spell check dictionary
  • Integrated approach
  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Improves HIPAA compliance
  • Automated correlation of transcription to imaging study
  • Study notification indicates status: dictated, transcribed, transcription approved, etc.

PenRad carries both the Phillips SpeechMike and a playback footswitch.

PenVoice™ ModuleDownload PDF

PenVoice – Voice Command and Audio Playback System – is an innovative productivity tool for mammography. PenVoice extends PenRad's tap-on/tap-off and auto negative technology by incorporating voice commands. Compared to other voice recognition products, PenVoice is 100% focused on PenRad's keywords for report generation and does not require any manual editing.

PenVoice incorporates audio feedback of key exam information and responds to spoken keywords to generate the narrative report, providing a hands free, heads up solution. As soon as the exam is selected, PenVoice speaks the pertinent exam information, allowing the radiologist to listen while studying the images, eliminating the need to review screens, film jackets, and/or other paperwork. As the radiologist is interpreting studies, a few PenRad keywords are spoken by the radiologist and the report is generated. For additional assurance, spoken keywords are repeated back as a confirmation.


  • PenVoice module
  • Computer with a standard sound card.
  • Microphone headset (USB recommended).
  • Windows XP or greater operating system.
  • Uses the Microsoft speech engine (no voice recognition software to purchase).

PowerScribe® Connectivity Module

With the optional PowerScribe Connectivity Module, a PowerScribe Voice Recognition User Account can be enabled to be used with other radiology modalities and assist in creating the narrative reports within PenRad MIS. When the PowerScribe Connectivity module is activated, radiologists are paired to their PowerScribe User Accounts by entering their PowerScribe username and password in the PenRad MIS Radiologist Maintenance screens. As radiologists log on to PenRad MIS, their PowerScribe Account is activated as well, allowing them to convert voice to text within any of the PenRad Add Text screens. To use the PowerScribe Connectivity Module, both PenRad and PowerScribe need to be installed on the same PC .

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