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Softcopy Integration

  • Synchronizes exam study images between SoftCopy workstation and PenRad
  • One-way or bi-directional control interface

The Softcopy Integration module allows for synchronization between PenRad MIS and a softcopy workstation enabling automatic patient selection of studies. It saves the radiologist time by not having to select the patient in both systems. It reduces inherent errors, similar to when the barcode is attached to the images in the film environment and/or the transcription system. One-way and bi-directional interfaces are available for most workstation vendors. PenRad's Softcopy Integration module supports Xml, serial, CCOW and custom. Softcopy vendors may have an additional charge for the interface.

PenRad Three Palms ViewStation Connectivity Module

PenRad's connectivity to the Three Palms Software (TPS) software increases efficiency and accuracy, providing enhanced workflow. This module allows the radiologist to have bi-directional examination selection synchronization from either the PenRad MIS work-list allowing the TPS information to be directly imported. A tap of the TPS button imports and plots the abnormality information specified in the Three Palms Softcopy workstation directly into PenRad to generate the narrative report.

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