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Read. Report. Track. Manage.  PenRad MIS

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PenRad MIS System Requirements

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PenRad™ MIS improves mammography reporting workflow while offering faster turnaround time for exams. By automating tasks and eliminating duplication, secondary data input and transcription, PenRad MIS dramatically increases productivity, all while reducing reporting costs.

PenRad MIS delivers:

  • Automation of workflow critical processes
  • Increased efficiency and standardization:
    - One-click negatives and auto next study
    - BI-RADS®-centric
  • Saves time, resources and money
  • Ensures compliance
  • Provides data rich audit/marketing reports
  • Complete integration with entire patient care workflow infrastructure including MRI, US, HIS, PACS, etc

Standard features include:

  • MS SQL Architecture
  • Automated BI-RADS®-centric reporting and tracking
  • Automated reporting at a click of a button
    - Performance statistics
    - MQSA
    - Marketing
  • Addendum/dictation capabilities
  • Tracking of resolved / unresolved exams
  • Specific detailing of abnormalities
  • Automated patient correspondences
    - Reflect breast density per various regulations
    - CMS Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) statements
  • Compliance with HIPAA and MQSA
  • Non stop obsolescence protection; upgrades included

PenRad MIS Product Demo


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