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Clinical data tracking ensuring peace of mind

Tracking of clinical data is a crucial process in the patient care workflow. With PenRad, tracking of clinical data is automated; ultimately saving time and money. Additionally, PenRad tracking solutions deliver confidence to customers regarding compliance with recognized and mandated standards.


PenRad MIS and PenTrac

By providing automated information tracking that satisfies MQSA requirements, PenRad MIS and PenTrac significantly enhance patient care workflow efficiency and economics. PenTrac can automate management of patient recalls and reminders, generate letters and calculate statistics into customized reports. PenRad MIS generates comprehensive reports and practice statistics with a single click of the mouse.


PenRad QA/QC is a comprehensive solution for facilities producing tracking and instant MQSA reports for audit and inspections, saving time, resources and money.



PenVasc Vascular Information System (VIS) is a comprehensive vascular lab information system providing clinical data tracking, saving time and enhancing revenue. PenVasc manages and streamlines all processes of the vascular lab; scheduling, ordering, worksheets, reports and billing. Quality assurance, lab utilization, research tools, and patient data are collected from the database to ensure accreditation requirements are met. As a software only practice management solution, PenVasc optimizes efficiency, standardization and revenue in the vascular lab.

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