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PenVasc Delivers:

  • Enhanced workflow with a software only practice management solution
  • Ease of use for report generation and physician approval
  • Flexibility allowing clinicians to access PenVasc anywhere
  • Improved economics with money and time saved
  • Compliance as a vascular database application designed for operating an accredited laboratory

  • With PenVasc, technologists, physicians and clerical staff save time, allowing more patients to be seen -- improving workflow, quality and revenue.

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PenVasc Vascular Information System (VIS) offers assurance for peak efficiency in the lab. The system offers flexibility with easy integration into a program's Health Information System (HIS). PenVasc increases productivity and eliminates costs by managing all processes of the vascular lab including scheduling, ordering, worksheets, reports and billing. With PenVasc, duplication of data entry and worksheets are eliminated, and narrative report results are available for distribution within moments after the exam is complete. Additionally, quality assurance, lab utilization, research tools, and patient data are automatically collected making meeting accreditation requirements an effortless process.

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PenVasc VIS for Improved Productivity and Revenue in the Vascular Lab


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