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PenVein Module New Image

The PenVein Module is designed to help clinicians report and track the diagnosis and treatment of patients with Venous Disorders. 

With its intuitive user interface, the Vein Module provides:

  • Initial Clinical Assessment

  • Venous Ultrasound Test

  • Pre-Treatment Note including diagnosis and procedure codes for insurance approval and billing

  • The ability to attach "Before" and "After" pictures

  • Operative Note

  • Post-operative Venous Ultrasound Exam

  • Patient letters for follow-up

Vein Image

Vascular Database

PenVasc eliminates hand written worksheets, dictations and transcriptions with easy to read, one-page reports. The vascular database assists users to complete the everyday tasks associated with running an accredited laboratory.  

With PenVasc, patient demographics, test order information, exam results and images can be imported into the patient worksheet.  The technologist reviews the data and prepares the worksheet for physician review and approval, all without dictation and transcription.

Preliminary reports can be printed and included in the patient chart, pending the physician’s approval.  Once approved, the worksheet becomes a final report that is sent to the referring physician, EMR and PACS. PenVasc provides a seamless integration with your Health Information System.

PenVasc's user-friendly interface will generate a clear and concise report that can be sent electronically to the referring physician.  The software will easily guide the medical and technical staff through accreditation, by automatically compiling all statistical, CME and Quality Assurance information.  Billing and patient logs are also available with a click of the mouse.

Surgical Registry

The Surgical Registry tracks surgical procedures and offers the surgeon and technologist immediate access to patient exams. Updating procedures takes just a few clicks. Extensive research analysis of the data is done with a few simple clicks. The Registry comes complete with life-table analysis with definable parameters.

Appointment Scheduler

The Appointment Scheduler maximizes productivity and facility utilization. Scheduling call-backs and surgical follow-ups is a simple click.

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