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PenRad’s next generation Digital QC (DQC) system automates the process of recording and calculating QA/QC data for the digital breast imaging environment. DQC tracks all FFDM, MRI and stereo modalities, as well as all reading workstations and film printers, based on guidelines established by the manufacturer and/or MQSA. Continuing Education (CE/CME) credits are also tracked.

As an electronic enterprise wide solution, DQC provides centralized records thus eliminating binders and clipboards at multiple locations. The DQC application can be accessed throughout the network, as a web hosted solution or installed on a laptop.

The DQC Quick-View worklist provides Auto-Remind and One-Glance technology to display the current status of all of devices and CE/CME reminders. As QC recording is completed the status indicator displays green indicating the task is current, yellow indicates due shortly and red is due or past-due. For convenience, devices can be displayed and filtered on the worklist by location, device type and/or theme.

Multiple advanced features are integrated into each device recording template such as Variance-Alert to instantly notify when parameters are exceeded, automatic calculations and prepopulation of inherited baseline values and other key information, thus eliminating redundant entry.

The DQC system adds significant meaningful use to your breast imaging facility by standardizing and automating QC, offering centralized electronic access, and minimizing preparation for the MQSA audit.

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With DQC, facilities can collect, retrieve and produce comprehensive MQSA audit reports instantaneously with minimal effort.

Device QC logs and audit reports are viewed/printed in rich graphical formats.

As modality technology and regulations evolve, PenRad provides software upgrades at no charge.

Digital QA/QC Mammography Module Delivers:

  • Continuing Education (CE/CME) credit tracking
  • Data captured into a simple form to track, calculate, and record
  • Instant MQSA reports for audit and inspections.
  • Flexibility with QA/QC data centrally located or installed on a laptop that can be transported to each room or reading area
  • Customization with each device being labeled to match your facility's needs. Additionally, the work list can be organized based on your workflow requirements.
  • Compliance with a set of device templates based on manufacturer and/or MQSA guidelines
  • An auto-remind feature that allows instant visualization of the QC status of all your devices on one screen
  • Variance-alert technology for instant notification when variances are exceeded
  • Ease of use allowing users to collect, retrieve and produce MQSA audit information effortlessly and instantly to increase staff utilization
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