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Leading information system technology ensuring cutting edge clinical data reporting

By automating critical processes, PenRad reporting solutions decrease workload and increase efficiency, saving significant time and money. PenRad reporting systems also ensure compliance with recognized standards.


PenRad MIS

PenRad MIS improves mammography reporting workflow while offering fewer clicks and faster turnaround time for exams. By automating tasks, and eliminating duplication, secondary data input and transcription, PenRad MIS dramatically increases productivity, all while providing facilities tremendous cost savings.


PenTrac significantly enhances efficiency of mammography patient tracking and MQSA reporting. By automatically managing patient recalls and reminders, generating letters and calculating statistics into customized reports, PenTrac saves time and money. Additionally, PenTrac has an easy upgrade path to full PenRad MIS for comprehensive reporting.


Dramatically reducing costs and patient anxiety, PenConnect provides instant exam results by phone via secure log in and voice message. PenConnect can reduce mailing and handling expense by as much as 60%, and provides detailed audit trail for results. Like the rest of our offerings, PenConnect can be integrated with the full suite of PenRad products.


PenAutoReader saves time, resources and money by utilizing adaptive learning and pattern recognition technology to eliminate the need for manual data input for tracking and statistical analysis. With PenAutoReader, radiologists continue to transcribe narrative reports while the system automatically extracts exam information.



As a comprehensive vascular lab information system, PenVasc enhances workflow, productivity and revenue. By managing and streamlining scheduling, ordering, worksheet, reporting and billing processes, workflow is enhanced, duplication of data entry and worksheets are eliminated, and narrative report results are available within moments after the exam is complete.

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