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Easily integrated, reliable solutions for comprehensive diagnostic reading

Designed to optimize productivity and for seamless integration, PenRad provides comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective diagnostic reading, reporting and archiving solutions. Products include PenView powered by EBM PACS, Compass for breast MRI, PenRad MIS workflow and B-CAD, ultrasound CAD.


As a flexible web-based, true multimodality reading workstation, PenView, powered by EBM PACS, is a total solution for interpretation, reporting and archiving for women's imaging. Compass, Computer Aided Visualization and Analysis for MRI, B-CAD, CAD for ultrasound, and PenRad information systems can easily be integrated into PenView for faster, reliable and standardized interpretation, reporting, tracking and management of clinical data. PenView can store, retrieve and distribute multimodality patient data, demographics and reports.


An innovative software solution for comprehensive and affordable analysis, interpretation and reporting of breast MRI studies, PenRad has created a new standard—Computer-Aided Visualization and Analysis with Compass. When integrated with PenRad MIS, the system ensures breast MRI data can be used for auditing and accreditation purposes.


B-CAD, the first and only ultrasound CAD product available, provides advanced decision-making support for lesion analysis based on the ACR BI-RADS®. Using B-CAD, radiologists are able to consistently document notes, patient history and proved detailed lesion information, resulting in comprehensive diagnosis and standardized communication.


By automatically transferring images directly to workstations and/or PACS in advance of when needed for reading, PenFetch improves workflow efficiency allowing clinicians to have instant access to studies.

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