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PenView, powered by EBM PACS Technologies, is a complete women's imaging diagnostic reading station. As a flexible, cost-effective software solution, PenView can integrate breast MRI, ultrasound CAD and PenRad's patient care workflow and full MIS reporting capability. Penview is a complete diagnostic, multimodality workstation which handles every aspect of patient image and information management.

The PenView workstation streamlines interpretation by providing radiologists instant access to important images and multimodality patient data, crucial to making a comprehensive diagnosis. Regardless of modality, PenView with the integrated host of PenRad patient care workflow features outpaces the competiton by leaps and bounds.

PenView is available in various configurations ranging from a single stand-alone workstation to a full multi-site enterprise or distributed cloud based solution. PenView is compliant with the latest IHE and DICOM standards, along with full HIPAA compliance, and has received FDA 510(k) clearance.

Features include:

  • Full-featured multimodality diagnostic workstation
  • Multi-modality image review, display, and archive
  • Support for mammography, FFDM, Breast MRI, US, BSGI, and CAD
  • Dedicated mammography tools and hanging protocols
  • Integrated PenRad MIS
  • Integrates with Compass for breast MRI and B-CAD for breast ultrasound
  • Integrates with Volpara™ Breast Density Software for quantification of breast density and volume

Other Features:

  • User selectable auto-sequencing and auto preferences for current and prior study comparison
  • Auto-cropping and scaling of images for optimum viewing
  • Window level, invert, magnification and histogram equalization tools
  • Virtual image selection - images may be re-arranged anytime by drag and drop method by user
  • Multiple control options - touch, voice, keyboard/mouse/foot pedal
  • Heads up display for ease of use - all controls via the mouse
  • Grayscale softcopy presentation
  • Same size, full resolution, true size, fit to view, image comparison with magnification factor enabled
  • CAD marker interfaced

Learn more about PenView powered by EBM Technologies.

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