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Read. Report. Track. Manage.  Compass

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Features include:

  • Image registration
  • Subtractions
  • Multiplanar reformatting
  • MIPs
  • Angiogenesis Maps
  • Curves
  • 3D Navigation from MIPs
  • Volume analysis
  • Dynamic thresholding and peak series adjustment
  • Customizable hanging layouts
  • One click image save as .jpg
  • One click movie save as .wmv
  • Volume and morphologic analysis
  • Integration with PenRad MIS
  • Software only – installed on any minimum spec. PC


Compass Image

Creating a new standard for analysis of Breast MRIDownload PDF

By automating analysis of breast MRI, Compass provides radiologists with the time sensitive information needed to maximize productivity when interpreting and reporting complex studies. Compass makes economic sense as a software only program – costing tens of thousands less than the typical MRI-CAD system. As an integrated solution with PenRad™ MIS, you can be assured computer generated visualization data can be used for auditing/accreditation purposes.

Compass Delivers:

  • A software only solution with the essential computer-aided analysis features
  • Enhanced workflow with studies ready to read in just a few minutes
  • A reliable way to process all of your studies – no "failures to process"
  • An easy to use, intuitive user interface which requires no on-site "super user"
  • Real-time, dynamic threshold setting and peak series adjustment that allows for no downtime while study is reprocessed
  • Easy installation; Compass software can be loaded on any PC meeting minimum specifications
  • Complete breast MRI reporting, tracking and practice statistics when integrated with Penrad MIS

Compass System Requirements

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Compass Computer Aided Visualization and Analysis for Improved Workflow, Quality and Economics in Breast MRI

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