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Data Migration Download PDF

This option facilitates pre-population of the PenRad database for new facilities. Pre-population of patient information, referring doctors, referring sites, radiologist and technologist information is available to save time and effort.

Pre-population of the PenRad Mammography System database is facilitated by importing data from existing facility databases. These file formats may be: text (tab or comma delimited), spreadsheet or database. Patient information may include patients with mammography exams within the last three years (by CPT, exam code or department code, etc.) and/or female patients over a certain age.

During data conversion, names and addresses are properized (MARY SMITH - Mary Smith) and duplicate patients are removed based on multiple field matching (i.e.: DOB, last name, MR#). PenRad can automatically calculate and assign a next exam date based on last exam date and/or age to generate recall letters.

For more information about database pre-population, please contact us.

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