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PenRad Patient Navigator and Risk Assessment Module Download PDF

All PenRad systems include our Navigator and Risk Assessment Modules at no additional fee, that allow facilities to plan, schedule and capture information for patients requiring additional work-up – an electronic diary.

The Navigator allows Breast Imaging Centers to have access to the status and pending events for all patients and their progress anytime and anywhere within the network.

PenRad's step-by-step technology guides the user and allows capture of scheduling information, completed task dates, and reminders (alarm clock) for follow-up.

Each of the Navigator categories allows for multiple event types. Each event type allows the user to add start and end dates and notes on patient progress.

The Navigator categorizes tasks, provides organization and suggestions on patient protocol. The categories listed below, reflect a sample of the individual events that can be captured.

  • Additional Imaging: Additional imaging studies, scheduled, results, completed, etc.
  • Procedures: CBE, biopsies, pathology, etc.
  • Post Biopsy follow-up: Follow-up, results to patient and physician, complications and resolution.
  • Contact/Support Information: Contacts for Patient, Support, etc.
  • Diagnosis: Diagnosis, Receptor Statuses, Nodes, etc.
  • Treatment Plan: Conferences, Surgeries, Therapies, Complications, Infections, etc.
  • Reconstruction Plan: Implants, Expanders, Flap, Garment fitting, etc.
  • Treatment Contacts: Surgeons, Oncologists, Psychologist, Nutritionist, Therapists, Genetics, support groups.

PenRad has also expanded its system to facilitate various forms for facilities to collect expanded datasets.

These data forms allow customization. For example; the expanded risk assessment form allows capture of extended family, Ca, and genetic results, hormone, radiation and other treatments for advance imaging studies for IRB cases.

PenRad, partnering with our clients to reduce expenses for Breast Imaging Centers by advancing professional productivity and efficiency.

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