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Appointment Package Module Download PDF

The appointment package facilitates scheduling of patients for exams, generation of reminder and no-show letters, and room schedule printouts. The one-glance touch screen system optimizes facility utilization and staffing. The standard package allows scheduling for up to five rooms. Additional 5-room modules may be added.

Scheduling, rescheduling, changing or reviewing an appointment is simple – select the patient, tap on the day/time and room. Or if you wish: pick day/time, room, and patient.

 The main appointment calendar screen (left) displays in one-glance, the number of openings available (by column) for each room for the morning, afternoon and evening.

The daily Quick View screen (left) displays the status of each room with a tap on a particular day on the calendar screen.

Occupied time slots are highlighted and are followed by a letter key. Tapping directly on a time slot displays the appointment screen for that time slot.

Tapping on the room tab brings up a detailed view of the room.

The appointment screen (left) automatically displays information pertaining to the appointment for review, and instructions for the patient whenever a room time is tapped.

Patient demographics, referring doctor, and any previous appointments are inherited from the patient maintenance screen.

New appointments can be made and existing appointments can be confirmed, changed, rescheduled, or canceled. The scheduler's name and the time are automatically recorded.

The room screen tab (left) displays an overview of the room schedule with the patient's name and an abbreviation of the exam type. A patient can occupy multiple slots, i.e. if additional time is needed.

A room schedule may be printed for each day and room.

Reports include: time, patient name, phone, medical record number, DOB, doctor, exam type, previous films, and any notes.

The Print Appointment Letter screen (left) prints reminder, no-show and film jacket pull lists, along with reminder and no-show letters.

Letters may be customized to automatically include the time of the appointment, directions to the individual room (satellite clinics), and any instructions for the exam.

Letters are formatted for windowed envelopes.

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