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PenRad DICOM Modality Worklist SCP

PenRad’s DICOM Modality Worklist for mammography enhances clinical workflow by providing patient demographics and study information to imaging modalities. This service facilitates automated data entry to eliminate errors and duplication resulting from manual entry, assuring exam data is correctly cataloged when sent to a PACS. It is an especially attractive automation solution for facilities with digital mammography systems. Additionally, it can be used by DICOM worklist aware scanner, CAD, and view station software.

PenRad’s DICOM Modality Worklist may be used with or without the PenRad Mammography Information System as illustrated below. .


PenRad’s DICOM Modality Worklist SCP operates as a service in Windows 2000 or XP operating systems. It utilizes Microsoft SQL database connectivity and Microsoft.Net framework and utilizes Pen.Net - PenRad’s powerful and versatile DICOM SDK, engineered using state of the art Microsoft.net technology.

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