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Linking Patients with Medical Records in Just a Few Clicks.

Streamline consolidation of medical records and imaging data with a single process. With PenLink, realize significant labor savings, enhance patient care, improve security and tracking, and comply with HIPAA standards.

PenLink allows requests for records to be performed remotely or locally on a common workstation facilitating a single patient visit to a location in the facility. PenLink software facilitates the collection of records and images from various systems; EMR, HIS, RIS, LAB, PATH, PACS and other “ologies” as well, and prepares the information for electronic distribution to media or a combination of image media and/or document print for the patient or the requesting entity.

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Compared to current processes, with a PenLink workstation users can simultaneously select multiple patient(s) documents and images from the various information systems and PACS(s), and send them to universal network print queues and SCUs. Users may choose to query PACS(s), with the internal query engine. This consolidation of resources increases professional productivity and enhances patient satisfaction.

As PenLink receives documents, they are processed directly into PDFs, and the key patient identifying information (exam date, DOB, MRN, patient name) is auto-extracted, and appears in the received items queue with the identifying information and source (HIS, RIS, LAB, PACS, etc.) displayed. As the DICOM SCUs receive images, information is extracted from the study and added to the received items queue.

The received queue contains various individual documents and imaging studies from various sources pending assignment to a patient job. An individual patient job is created from a document or study when specified as the patient job. As documents and images are received with matching patient information, they are automatically transferred into the individual patient job queue with automatch enabled.

Unmatched items remain in the received item queue can be previewed and moved to an individual patient job facilitating historical or non-enterprise MRNs, and/or patient name changes, or be removed if not applicable.

Each patient job queue reflects the current document and image count from the various sources. Items within the job queue can be previewed for verification or removal if not necessary to include.

When all individual documents and/or images for the patient job are received, the patient in the job queue can be released for electronic distribution to media, or a combination of image media and/or print of documents. The individual patient job status indicator reflects progress of released job process.

PenLink creates a log of processed items for audit, effectively creating an electronic release document.

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